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Helix Dermo is one of the most technologically advanced skincare solutions in the world...

Not content with anything less than overturning cosmetic skin care's established norms, Helix-Dermo Research & Development Team in collaboration with European laboratories, created a revolutionary skincare product that will set higher standards in the beauty world.

At Helix Dermo, we are actively committed to minimize our social and environmental impacts on our stakeholders without compromising innovation, quality and safety in line with our purpose "Smart Science". This strategy is built with the aim of sustainability innovating a policy of continuous improvement and to set-up a holistic view of doing business by placing equal emphasis on the Planet and People, first. 




A Masterpiece Combining Science & Elegance

Do you ever wonder why most "anti-aging" cosmetics, even the really expensive ones, fail to deliver on their promises? It has all to do with their inability to overcome one or more of the obstacles that counteract effectiveness.  Ingredients & Delivery Systems

Helix Dermo contains powerful and potent anti-aging ingredients.  

Our research and development team is dedicated to innovating creative solutions to meet the demands of today's most discerning, informed consumers.  

Over the past years, we have developed an impressive portfolio of next-generation, anti-aging products that feature unique, patented technologies and effect-driven ingredients.

These state-of-the art formulations are pushing the boundaries of anti-aging skincare and redefining the category.

Smart Science

All too often the active ingredients of well-formulated products struggle to penetrate the skin reducing or at best slowing down optimum results. Our Advanced Dual Liposomic Technology "DLT" removes this barrier, producing increased absorption - which means faster results. 

With its unique dual liposome technology, Helix Dermo protects the full potency of its actives and releases full active ingredient potency only when these actives come in contact with the skin (your body heat.) Actively delivers optimal concentrations of beneficial ingredients into the skin's epidermal layer without disrupting the stratum corneum. 

Helix Dermo liposome formation facilitates transport of constituents into the epidermis. The formula opens essential pathways without altering the integrity of the stratum corneum. They break apart, delivering constituents to the epidermis, targeting a variety of skin concerns: Hydration, fine line/wrinkle reduction, collagen restoration, and elastin production.  The lipids carrying the active ingredients break apart, delivering constituents to the epidermis, targeting a variety of skin concerns.

Red Helix Liposome.jpg



What you see inside the HelixDermo in blue is not an ornamental design, it's our active ingredients inside the "LDHL" Liposomic Double Helix Lipids" shaped like DNA.

Double Helix is comprised of encapsulated cellular envelopes that contain “Our Powerful Actives“ thereby protecting the full potency of these actives throughout the entire life of the product. The customer receives full strength HelixDermo action with each and every application. 

HelixDermo is an artistic masterpiece intelligently designed to overcome the potency and penetration deficiencies inherent in traditional cosmetic products.

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