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A revolutionary anti-aging serum inspired by one of the earth's rarest, most precious resources "The Red-Apple Stem Cell," 



Our Company Specialize in Anti-Aging Treatment that delivers results!

Not content with anything less than overturning cosmetic skin care's established norms, Helix Dermo's Research & Development team in collaboration with European laboratories, created a revolutionary skincare product that will set higher standards in the beauty world.

The Secret Behind The Swiss Apple...


The Secret Behind The Swiss Apple...


It all begun in SWITZERLAND

​The RedSwissApple, also known as the RedLoveApple, is a natural, red-fleshed apple that has the incredible power to resist the harsh effects of cold, wind, and rain to live for up to 100 years.  Additionally,  the  RedLoveApple  doesn't go brown after being sliced and left out in the open. The secret? The RedLoveApple has the highest pure level of antioxidant content of any fruit.  Antioxidants work in the body to combat environmental harm such as UV damage and pollution. Additionally, the RedLoveAple offers elevated levels of polyphenols and anthocanins which may offer protection against development of certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. A new discovery:Helix-D rouge is a revolutionary anti-aging serum formulated with the stem cells of the RedLoveApple. Our research team, in collaboration with a Swiss Lab, tested the anti-aging properties of RedLoveApple stem cells. The results were remarkable. Tests showed that the RedLoveApple stem cells protected skin from environmental stressors such as pollution and UV rays, evened skin tone, and reduced the appearance of wrinkles, thereby preserving an overall youthful appearance. 


The Secret Behind The Swiss Apple...

For decades, experts in the fields of cosmetology have been striving to create products that satisfy the growing skin care needs of an aging population. The goal, obviously, has been to discover how to  sustain  younger,  healthier  looking  skin. Recent breakthroughs in the chemistry of damaged and aging skin have revealed the ways and means to actually help counteract the skin’s aging process and repair damaged skin.

HELIX-Dermo was expressly formulated to incorporate the best of the emerging science. The Redlove apple actives contain high concentrations of phenolic compounds and flavonoids that provide powerful anti-aging effects. Redlove apple actives also provide antioxidant protection. In fact, the Redlove apple has the highest pure level of antioxidant content of any fruit.

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Pamper Day

" I am acquainted with a beautiful woman,I asked her what she did or what products she used to make her skin look so flawless.I knew we had to be around the same age but my skin did not look as youthful or radiant as hers.She brought in a gift of Helix-D for me to try.As I consistently use it, my skin has become tighter with fewer wrinkles.I am impressed that it doesn't feel oily, but rather light and smooth.My make-up applies smoothly over it.Since using Helix-D I have been so excited!!!"


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